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WAM Awards 2020 Album Nominations - Nune Aka Mr. Propane

We Are the Music Makers, The W.A.M. Awards, honor independent artists "the music makers" - who follow their dreams to give the world exceptional, original music. The WAM Awards are organized by BHW Music Group.

I was nominated twice for Indie Rap Best Album and Best Song. The 2020 Best Album nomination is for my debut "Intervention" featuring artist such as K-Rino, Breana Marin, and others. Produced By platinum composer Jan Branicki (Dreamlife), DopeBoyz, & Izzy Izzm and engineered by Grammy nominated Beau Vallis (Worked with artist such as Lil Wayne, Pharrell, Kelly Rowland)

My Best Song nomination was for my single "Black Man" ft. K-Rino which specifically tackles the subject matter of social injustice and the struggle we as Black men in America face daily. It has such a strong message and passion filled impact. See below for links to support Indie Artist by purchasing or streaming. Sync opportunities are available for all my music also!

Winners will be announced on Oct. 2nd, 2020 at 7:30pm Est on WNIR Radio.

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