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How to get TV Sync & Record Label Deal opportunities Easy!!

First off, thanks for stopping by and checking out the website. So much has happened in such a short time so as a thank you for stopping by I'm going to detail a few key ways to get results in your music career.

First off, What is a Sync Deal?

“Sync” licenses are agreements for the use of music in audiovisual projects.  Used in its strictest sense, a sync license refers to the use of a musical composition in an audiovisual work.  The term “master use” license is sometimes used to refer to the use of a music recording (sometimes referred to as a “master”) in an audiovisual work.

Sync and master use licenses can make money for songwriters, and master use licenses can make money for recording artists.  It is possible for a license to include both a grant of rights in a song and a master if the same person wrote the song and produced the master.

My song "Champion"

was selected multiple times for TV Sports sync opportunities. These can range from ESPN, Fox Sports, and any of the other sporting broadcast airing on television. Listen for it in the upcoming season!

What does this mean for me? Streams = Royalties & in some cases "The Bag" upfront. Upfront payments are called Sync Fees and you should already know what royalties are.

Now that the basics are out of the way I can get to the point:

Well, how do you actually find these placements? I'm going to place a few of my sources for finding these opportunities, Before I proceed, you must either own all the copyrights for your music or have signed agreements between you (the writer/author) and your composer or vice versa (composer and writer/author). This is key! In my case I only leased my music from a well known producer for unlimited rights + agreement for TV/Film Sync rights in which we share royalties 50/50!

So here are a couple of my go to places to get sync/label deal opportunities! One is free and the other paid! is a great free resource for finding opportunities! Just sign up and start listenening for daily free opps! You can optionally subscribe and pay monthly and have all your music sent automatically as new opps are located! is a Paid resource for finding opportunities. there are occasionally free opps but there is always a small charge for each transaction and another one time diagnostics fee per song! Sony, Atlantic, Indie Labels, Film Agents, & A&R's galore all use this site as a tool to find exactly the sound and artist they are looking for!

Want to know more? Just subscribe and I will update blog with more resources, tips on how to build your website, and promotion to go viral!!

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