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Viral Promotion

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Artistry can be phenomenal but without proper promotion no one is going to hear those fire chart worthy records. below I'm going to let you know the best ways to start promoting your music catalog to gain exposure and real engaement.


Soundcloud is one of the easiest ways to immediately get your music out there to welcoming listeners ready to hear the type of music they crave.

Best thing about it is it is completely free! By paying and upgrading to premium by going Pro you get the ability to check stats and see just where and who is listening to your music.


Like soundcloud, A.U.D.I.U. is a great music library alternative that actively engages you to listen to others and review their music while they return the favor. Great way to actively engage with other indie artist like yourself. Every follower counts!!

A bonus feature is the ability to get Reviews, Mix & Mastering, and other services in one easy central location.

Download Gates

Download gates require a fan to either subscribe, like, repost, or many other options for a free download of your single, mixtape, or video! Great way to build up your fanbase.

Build Your Fanbase, Grow Your SoundCloud, Spotify and YouTube Channels

  • 100% FREE Gate-Way Service

  • SoundCloud Follow to Download(Up to 20 Channels)

  • SoundCloud Like, Repost & Comment to Download

  • Spotify Follow to Download (Up to 9 Channels)

  • YouTube Subscribe to Download (Up to 9 Channels)

  • Collect Emails From Your Downloaders

  • Facebook Like to Download

  • Twitter Follow to Download

  • FREE Promotion to over a million SoundCloudListeners

Here are links to my favs Tuneboost, Artist Union, Hive, & Toneden!!

Paid Promotion

Its no secret that record labels have always used paid promoting agencies to push the popularity of their artist music catalog. It can be very beneficial if used correctly or hurt your pockets if you don't have a sustainable way to get a return on your investment (ROI).

Fake Vs Real

There are two types of promotion available. Agencies that have over the years created huge email list by providing a service that was needed with real clients. Then there are those HACKS that enable fake plays or engagement using digital bots!

Don't waste your money on the fake ones and only pay if you have a means to get a return on your investment.

Here are some great resources that have real promotion!

Social Media Ads

Using social media ad services like Facebook Ads & Twitter Ads can have a drastic effect on your reach potential. You can easily reach people worldwide with the tools available on their services. Depending on what you want to pay it is definitely a fool proof way to engage with real potential fans and clientele.

Fees build based on the amount of impressions your ad generates!

The best part is you know how many people use these platforms so its a no brainer if you want legit real promotion!! Fees are flexible and can be As little as $2.50/day!! Shop around!!

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